Argan Oil Anti-Aging

Posted on: April 1, 2013

 It has now been a proven fact and many researchers have shown that once thought to be a mere dream, anti-aging is achievable. Some of the foods like sugar, chocolate, milk and high levels of carbohydrates cause degeneration. While some like raw seed, raw fruits and vegetables cause regeneration.
Argan oil is extracted out of raw seeds of Argan tree. Its seeds are preserved inside the hard nut of Argan fruit. This fact makes it a strong contender for the anti-aging agents. Technically speaking wide variety of organic chemical substances and their unique composition in Argan oil is good for the regeneration of skin in a number of ways.

  1.     80 % unsaturated essential fatty acids in Argan oil help prevent and reduce inflammation, a very deadly agent causing degeneration.
  2.     Presence of Squalene keeps human skin soft. Due to degeneration our skin loses its softness and tightness which are one of the most apparent symptoms of aging. Argan oil fights against these degeneration effects.
  3.     Sterols in Argan oil protects the essential protein found in human joints called Collagen, thus preventing the skin and joints from going out of shape.
  4.     Another very important constituent of Argan oil are the phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds protect the body against the chemical reactivity of free radicals.
  5.     Very high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids in Argan oil softens the dry and cracked skin better than the Shea butter used for this purpose.
  6.     Regular use of Argan oil helps diminish scars and bad marks on skin.
  7.     Argan oil is very useful in removing stretch marks, wrinkles and crow’s feet appeared owing to aging.

    Due to this list of benefits for skin of Argan oil for anti-aging purposes, Argan oil is a 100 % success story in the anti-aging process.


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