Kii Keyboard v1.2 – Android 2.1+

Posted on: December 27, 2012

Kii Keyboard v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Kii Keyboard is an all new alternative android keyboard!


Kii Keyboard is an all new alternative android keyboard!

★All features are available during the current beta testing period!

●Main features:

★Accurate and smart keyboard predictions
★User defined text shortcuts
★Extra number key row
★Extra arrow key row
★Swiftkey like next word prediction
★Gesture keyboard control
★Swype like gesture input
★Thumb Keyboard like split keyboard layouts
★Support iOS6 emoji input
★8 build-in HD themes
★Support a variety of themes: Go Keyboard, Better Keyboard, Themeshop Keyboard themes
★Font and color customization
★Use any pictures as keyboard background
★True Multi-touch keyboard
★Jelly Bean 4.2 keyboard

●Support 34 languages:
☆Arabic -اللغة العربية‎
☆Czech – čeština
☆Danish – dansk
☆German – Deutsch
☆Spanish – Español
☆Greek – Ἑλληνική
☆Estonian – Estonian
☆Finnish – Suomi
☆French – française
☆Croatian – Hrvatski
☆Hungarian – Magyar
☆Icelandic – Icelandic
☆Italian – Italiano
☆Japanese -日本語
☆Georgian -ქართული
☆Korean -조선어
☆Lithuanian -Lietuvių
☆Latvian – latviešu
☆Norwegian (Bokmal) – Norsk (bokmål)
☆Dutch – Nederlands
☆Portuguese (Brazil) -português
☆Portuguese (Portugal) -português
☆Polish – polski
☆Russian -Русский
☆Romanian – română
☆Slovak – Slovenčina
☆Slovenian -slovenščina
☆Serbian -српски
☆Swedish – svenska
☆Turkish – Türkçe
☆Ukrainian -українська
☆Hebrew – עברית
☆Chinese Pinyin – 中文

– The record audio permission is needed for Voice input
– The internet access permission is needed for downloading additional plugins
– The permission to read the contact database is needed for contact dictionary
– Location permission is for Ads. (No ads currently in beta period)

This app has NO advertisements

Download Instructions:
Kii Keyboard v1.2



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