Free Download Raviteq Image Studio V1.00

Posted on: January 21, 2011

Raviteq Image Studio V1.00

Description: With this you can edit your pictures and add a range of different effects. You will be able to transform your pictures into beautiful and/or playful and fun ready-to-send images. The base application includes the most common and useful editing features, and with additional plug-ins you can extend the application with more features to fit your exclusive needs. With features like rotate/flip, resize and crop you can set the limits for your image, and with brightness/ contrast/white balance enhancements or by applying filter, adding clipart, frames, and/or text you can change the total appearance. Create a stunning image by adding a filter or create a real cool, fun image by adding clipart and text, the choice is yours! It detects the images from Phone and Mass Memory. If you want to edit images which reside inside your memory card, you should copy / move them to mass memory of Nokia N8. This version is not fully compatible with Symbian^3.Although it works. it’s unsigned version. sign it and install. Raviteq Image Studio V1.00 Symbian^3 Unsigned

Raviteq Image Studio V1.00


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